Welcome to In Extenso Translations!

American to French Translation Specialist


      Hi! My name is Cécile Guillard and I've been going back and forth between France and the United States for most of my life.


      I studied English in France and French in America; maybe not the most logical approach but certainly one that gave me a tremendous insight into the way both languages and cultures work. And ever since, I have known that I wanted to work with words.


      I had a job in academia but decided to switch paths and I now work as a freelance translator.


     My intention is to bring all the passions in my life together, therefore I offer translation services in the following areas: ethology, sports, Native American cultures, literature, art history.


     Now, why the name In Extenso Translations, you may wonder?


     It simply reflects my approach to translation. As a client, you can rest assure that my translation of your work will convey your words, of course, but also the idea behind them, how you expressed it, to the slighest details – in extenso.


     For further inquiries, please, feel free to contact me.




Cécile G.